Hempel Ecopower Racing


Application method: Brush / Roll / Paint cushion
Sprayer: For professional use only.
Thinner (max. Vol.): HEMPEL'S THINNER 808 (No 3) 08081 (Brush / Roller / Cushion Cover): max. 5%; (Sprayer): max .. 15%
Recommended nozzle: 0.018 - 0.023 "
Mine. nozzle pressure: 150 bar (data for airless syringe are indicative)
Recoat interval, min .: 4 hours - 20 ° C, 8 hours - 10 ° C
Overcoating interval, max .: None

Availability: Leadtime is 1-3 day(s).
339,15 DKK
399,00 DKK
You save: 59,85 DKK
Produkttype: Bundmaling
True Blue Red White Black

Ecopower Racing is a biocidal base paint with TecCel, reducing the friction of the hull to increase your sailing speed and reduce fuel consumption. It protects your epoxy paint from fouling, making it very easy to clean without whitening. Can be used as a base paint for both fiberglass, aluminum, wood, plywood and steel. Recommended for areas with high environmental requirements.


Color: White / Black / True Blue / Red
Appearance: Half-food
Theoretical stretching capacity: 12.3 m2 / l
Touch size: 4 hour (s) 20 ° C 8 hour (s) 10 ° C
Density: 1.2 kg / liter
Flash point: 36 ° C
Shelf life: 5 years 25 ° C

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