Hempel Thinner 808 (No 3)

HEMPEL paints are produced and delivered in such a way that dilution will not usually be necessary if the paint is properly mixed / stirred up. However, if the paint is applied to a low layer thickness (eg as a sealer coat) or if paint has become too thick, for example at low temperatures, the HEMPEL THINNER specified on the product data sheet may be added to obtain suitable application properties. In general, dilution should be kept to a minimum as the quality of the paintwork will be affected by too much dilution. However, if painting is to take place at high temperatures (air and / or steel), it may exceptionally be necessary to dilute beyond the limits stated on the product data sheet to avoid dust / drizzle and poor film formation. HEMPEL's diluents are composed in such a way that the best results are achieved for the prescribed applications in terms of extensibility, spray properties, etc. In some cases, ordinary merchandise can be used as replacement. However, as such products are not under our control, this falls outside our area of ​​responsibility.

Tool cleaning: Tools can usually be cleaned with the diluent prescribed for that product.

Availability: Leadtime is 1-3 day(s).
Model: 45-001-075
Price from
109,65 DKK
129,00 DKK
You save: 19,35 DKK
Produkttype: Primer / Grunder, Bundmaling, Diverse
0.75 Ltr. 5.0 L

HEMPEL'S THINNER 808 (No 3) 08081 Thinner and tool cleaning for Hempel's base paints. Thinner for spray application and tool cleaning for HEMPEL's one-component enamels.

Color: Transparent
Density: 0.9 kg / liter
Flash point: 23 ° C

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