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Choose from two card types BlueChart® g2 HD and BlueChart® g2 Vision® HD.

The new BlueChart types are tailor made for each navigation needs, and both have dramatic improvements over previous generations of electronic charts: There is even transition between zoom levels and over shortcuts: When zooming out, one can expect the same degree of detail at different zoom levels.

Garmin's "fishing license", with detailed topographic view, is available on both the BlueChart g2 and BlueChart g2 Vision, and full integration with the navigation card is possible. In combination with a firmware update of the chartplotter, it is possible to associate card colors to depth intervals, such as areas with depths lower than the boat's safety depth are highlighted in red.

BlueChart® g2 HD:

has all the key features of the electronic search card: Map data, POIs, tidal and power information and the super detailed fishing license. The BlueChart g2 is ideal in combination with handheld devices like Montana and Oregon, or as an affordable alternative for use with the smaller chartplotters.

BlueChart® g2 Vision® HD - Premium mapping and graphics features:

sets the standard for future navigation at sea. The BlueChart g2 Vision offers the same detailed chart charts as the BlueChart g2, but with significant additions like high resolution satellite imagery, 3D perspective both above and below the water, aerial photos of points of interest such as ports, and road mapography in coastal areas.

Finally, BlueChart has g2 Vision Garmin's amazing route calculation feature, making the previously complicated navigation almost unimaginably simple: If you choose your destination on the chart, the chartplotter asks if you want to navigate to the site and suggest a safe route without any obstacles . The BlueChart g2 Vision is the natural choice for a chartplotter from one of Garmin's top series.

Availability: Leadtime is 3-5 day(s).
Price from
1.499,00 DKK
EU018R / Benelux Offshore & Inland Waters EU019R / Aalborg to Amsterdam EU021R / East Denmark and Southeastern EU041R / Oslo-Skagerak-Haugesund EU042R / Oslo to Trelleborg EU046R / Öregrund, Aland to Malmo EU047R / Gulf of Bothnia-Kalix-Grisslehamn EU050R / Gulfs of Finland and Riga EU051R / Lista-Sognefjorden EU052R / Sognefjorden - Svefjorden EU053R / Trondheim - Tromsø EU054R / Vestfjord-Svalbard-Varanger EU055R / Finnish Lakes
BlueChart® g2 HD BlueChart® g2 Vision® HD
Choose between:
EU018R-Benelux Offshore & Inland Waters
EU019R-Aalborg to Amsterdam
EU021R-East Denmark and Southeastern
EU042R-Oslo to Trelleborg
EU046R-Öregrund, Aland to Malmö
EU047R-Gulf of Bothnia-Kalix-Grisslehamn
EU050R-Gulfs of Finland and Riga
EU051R-Lista Sognefjord
EU052R-Sognefjorden - Svefjorden
EU053R-Trondheim - Tromsø
EU054R-West Fjord Svalbard-Varanger
EU055R-Finnish Lakes er generalimportør af bl.a. Hidea, JP Oliefyr og en lang række produkter. Disse produkter sælges til dig kun med os som mellemled - det sikre dit de absolut bedste online priser. Herudover sælger vi en lang række kendte mærker som Yamaha, Webasto og Hempel. Vi er DKs ubetingede største største webshop indenfor marinebrachen og vi tilbyder telefonsupport alle hverdage mellem 12 - 16:00.

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