D-icer oil free 1 / 2hk 230v


• 1/2 HK oil free D-ICER - with floating cable

• 230V

• 30 meter line

• Oil-proof gear - ensures that leakage does not harm the environment

• More energy efficient than oil-filled models-cost less to drive

• Molded glass fiber reinforced nylon housing - guides the water and stops larger things

• Stainless steel motor shaft and motor housing - supplied with zinc anode

• Double inner bag and double-seal shaft seal - keeps water and dirt out and ensures long life

• High Efficiency Motor and High Performance Propellers - provide more flow with less energy

• Designed for harsh saltwater environment - comes with zinc anode

• Easy installation

• Two year warranty

Availability: Leadtime is 3-5 day(s).
Model: 20.1270
8.199,00 DKK

It has a pyramid-shaped design, which is the most effective design for circulation in the water. The circulation ensures that the water does not freeze, thus destroying the boat or bridge.
Why choose our Oil-Free D-icer?
The D-icer is fitted with an energy efficient engine and an oil-free gear, which provides superior performance over similar models - without diminishing production.
It provides a powerful water circulation, which prevents ice formation during the winter months. With a continuous movement of warmer water from the bottom to the surface, the area will remain free, often only with 1 hour of operation a day.
The protective cap in the cone-shaped design prevents larger objects from entering and stopping the propeller.

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