Wagon for Outboard Engine - ROOTEQ TR60

999,00 DKK
Model: 53.1183

The brilliant solution for transporting and storing your outboard!

Designed with the square pipes as well as the fastening system, the ROOTEQ TR-60 strength provides stability for handling outboard motors up to 60 kg / 20 HP.


Compact and adjustable to suit any outboard engine up to 20 HP

• For outboard motors up to 20HK

• Used for transport, storage and repair of outboard motors

• Ergonomic design, very easy to handle

• Unique collapsible construction

• Collapsed: 37 x 23 x 63 cm

• Lightweight and still stable and strong

• Adjustable height and shine

• Large wheels: Ø 23 cm, Width 8.5 cm

• 7 kg