Yamaha 9.9 HP - 4 Roof Factory New (Special Price)

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Short Ben Long legs
Remote m/elstart og manuel start Håndstyring m/manuel start Håndstyring m/elstart og manuel start

Yamaha 9.9 HP Outboard Engine (Factory New - Special Price). Choose between short / long legs and hand control / remote with power start.

Greater engine power on the water does not mean that you have to drag a heavy outboard engine onto the boat. The lightweight F9.9 is portable and a built-in ergonomic carrying handle also helps.

Discover the joy of quiet operation and excellent fuel economy, combined with our smooth, reliable 4-stroke engine power. Yamaha's CDI ignition system allows the engine to start right away, and together with the throttle and FNR gear system it provides an easy, safe handling.

This lightweight engine has a lot to offer, making it ideal for auxiliary boat, fishing or family tours. If you are a burger, your boat, as a reliable partner, is F8, of course, the perfect match.

Model / Part No .:

F9.9 JMHS - Kr. 20.299 , - (Short leg, Steering handle & Manual Start)
F9.9 JMHL - Kr. 20.299 , - ( Long leg, Steering handle & Manual Start)
F9.9 JES - Kr. 29.299, - (Short leg, Remote & Elstart)
F9.9 JEL - Kr. 29.299, - (Long leg, Remote & Elstart)



  • Ergonomic gear lever on the steering handle
  • Steering handles that can be easily folded so that the engine is easy to store and carry
  • Extra protection pad for convenient vertical storage
  • Compact and efficient engine
  • Incredible power and impressive torque
  • Large ergonomic carry handle
  • Light coil mounted as standard
  • Freshwater cooling system
  • Setting for low-water sailing
  • rev
  • "Start-in-gear 'protection
  • Acoustic alarm for low oil pressure

engine type



212 cm³

Number of cylinders / configuration

2 / In-line, SOHC

Drilling x stroke length

56.0 mm x 43.0 mm

Screw shaft effect in intermediate area

7.3 kW / 5.500 rpm.


5,000 - 6,000 rpm

Lubricating System

Wet sump

Gasoline injection system

1 car.

Ignition / advance system


Starter System

Manual (MH), Electric (E)


2.08 (27/13)


Recommended hitch beam height

S: 431mm L: 558mm

Weight with screw

F9.9JMHS: 40.0 kg, F9.9JMHL: 41.0 kg, F9.9JES: 42.0 kg F9.9JEL: 43.0 kg

Tank Capacity

separated, 12 liters


0.8 liters

Additional features


Tiller handle (MH), Remote control (E)

Trim & Tilt method


Lighting coil / generator

12V - 6A with rectifier / regulator **

Tilt limits (only for remote control specs)






Opposite rotation model


Low water fittings


Digital network system instrument (LCD color display)


Digital network system instrument (round / square)


Variable trolling speed


Dual battery charging system


SDS propeller with damper function



The power is measured on the propeller shaft by the ICOMIA 28 standard, ** Optional for MH model, standard for E model

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